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Welcome To

Drexel Hill

A walkable haven for families and commuting professionals.


Welcome to Drexel Hill

A walkable haven for families and commuting professionals.
Drexel Hill is a leafy, urbanist suburb that forms the western half of historic, Quaker-founded Upper Darby Township in Delaware County. Nestled within its neighborhoods are vestiges of its pre-Colonial history, including a 17th-century, Swedish-style log cabin, and Underground Railroad sites from its place as a home for anti-slavery, abolitionist figures. The convenient location (a 25-minute drive or 30-minute rail ride to Center City) has preserved its legacy as a gateway into suburbia from Philadelphia. A regional trolley line cuts through this tapestry of neighborhoods, providing access into Philadelphia from stops interspersed among the diverse housing stock. Drexel Hill is a residential gem, with spacious living alongside cozy shops and assorted dining options for all incomes and tastes.

What to Expect

Relaxed and convenient suburban living where neighbors know each other.
Drexel Hill is a destination for people who treasure sidewalks, a genuine sense of community, and proximity to one of the nation's most dynamic cities. People here enjoy a mix of open space alongside a village-like vibe. Front lawns are tended to with care and residents are as often seen parking in modest driveways as they are taking strolls through the neighborhood. Places of worship dot almost every corner of this community, and the neighborhood's historic, Main-Street-style real estate layout means there are many dining and small-town gems in storefronts up and down Burmont Avenue, one of Drexel Hill's most prominent throroughfares: mom-and-pop grocers, independent bicycle shops, and eateries with food from around the world.

The Lifestyle

Live in the suburbs but stay close to the Philadelphia way of life.
Most people who move to Drexel Hill are there because of its location and its feel. This is not one of those far-flung suburbs many miles away from Philadelphia, where every home sits on a half-acre and every social or commercial interaction requires a car. Drexel Hill is like a village. A place that looks and feels like some of the most dynamic neighborhoods were meant to be: communal...close-knit...cozy. And yet, a short drive takes you to any number of wide-open parks or hiking outposts, or into the heart of Philadelphia in the other direction.

Unexpected Appeal

Affordable, quiet, but not too, too quiet.
Despite its proximity to the city, Drexel Hill is, as it was designed years ago, a sleepy suburb at heart. Most who live here cherish that it is a relaxing place to call home, and one that is affordable enough to be truly diverse.

The Market

Tudor-style, detached single-family houses and so much more.
The housing stock in Drexel Hill is as diverse as its population. A menagerie of styles and price points offer entry to a vast array of would-be homebuyers. Drexel Hill itself is comprised of smaller neighborhoods that, like Philadelphia, have their own names and identities: Aronimink, Addingham, Garrettford, and Drexelbrook. Single-family residences, rows and twins abound, often constructed from stone or brick, and more often than not with garages, and front and back yards. Sidewalks are the lifeblood of this community, and one of the most prized amenities.

You'll Fall In Love With

The unassuming easiness of life in Drexel Hill.
Unlike the suburban sprawl that has drawn some people to vast homes on marooned lots in the far suburbs of Philadelphia, Drexel Hill has preserved its unique, post-war style of suburban living.
For decades it has been a destination for people of all incomes but who are bound by the common desire to gain a foothold in suburbia while not sacrificing human connection. Drexel Hill is where people are living their best, connected lives, in our age of digital disconnection.

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